Shou Shou The Magnificent (Shahir) Nitrane (Amir)


Masters at funk is a collaboration of two DJ's. Nitrane (Amir) and, The White Nubian (Shahir).

The pair fell in love with house music, from its introduction to Europe in the early 90's. As an electronic

evolution of funk and disco music. This influence reflects on the music they play. Which has matured over

the years and now the styles they play range from latin, and funky , disco, jazzy, soulful, and deep house.

A common feature in their music is that its full of soulful sounds, spirit lifting melodies and deep fluent

beats. The momentum they accumulate between them as two DJs playing back to back is phenomenal.

The way they connect with the crowd and pass on their energetic dancing vibes is what makes them unique.

There is no monotony when these two play together. The melodies, the beats, and the eclectic sounds

keep getting better from one track to the next. Their music is guaranteed to keep you bouncing all night.

The Masters at Funk produce their own music and perform it live. No two gigs are ever the same. 

The MAF Live concept hosts many artists and DJ's performing alongside MAF.
They've hosted some of Cairo's finest musical acts,solo performers along with great dj's as well.

Some of their favorites include, London based producer Funky Pharaoh aka El Nabulsi.
Great artists like Omar El Deeb & the insanely talented Ousso Lotfy.


masters at funk